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    2015/1/9 Viewers:
      Inherent ADVANTAGES of Zebrafish    Vertebrate: zebrafish physiology, development and metabolism closely parallels mammalian systems, extremely predicitive of mammalian responses    Genes and pathways are highly conserved: genetic homology 85% similarity with humans    Transparency of zebrafish embryos: visualize multiple defects without dissection    In vivo tests – compound absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion    Testing has short experimentation times: usually 1-7 days v.s. mouse and rat > 1month    More cost-effective than assays using mammalian animals: $0.01/day/zebrafish v.s. $1/day/mouse    High content/high throughput/ multiple endpoints/ automation    Easy manipulation: external fertilization and embryogenesis – access to all stages of development    High productivity: 100-300 embryos/couple; short generational cycles – 3 months    Amounts of compound to be tested are very small    Compound administrated directly into aquatic medium, large molecules can be delivered by yolk sac or circulation injection    Fewer ethical impediments as compared to other animal models All BENEFITS of in vitro, with the relevance of in vivo
    In vitro/cell assay Zebrafish Mammals
    Small compound requirement ×
    High throughput ×
    Turnaround ×
    Relative cost ×
    Multiple endpoints ×
    PK-PD ×
    Activity of metabolites ×
    Integrated Zebrafish Toxicity & Safety Services
    EmbryoTox (OECD Standard)
    Developmental Tox & TeraTox
    Skin & muscle Tox
    One-Step Shop in Zebrafish Pharmacology Studies
    Oncology        In Vivo Anti-Angiogenesis Drug High Throughput Screening
           Novel Anti-Angiogenesis Drug Assessment
           Zebrafish Human Tumor Xenograft Model (>30 human cancer cell lines)
           Antiproliferation drug screening model
           Apoptosis models
    Ophthalmology        Zebrafish Retinal Angiogenesis Model [for Diabetic retinopathy (DR)、Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)]
    Bone diseases        Osteoporosis model
    Otology        Hair cell model (assessing otoprotective agents)
    CNS        Neuro-protectant screening model
     Pro-angiogenesis model (for stroke)
    Digestive system        Biliary Atresia Model
    Metabolic diseases        PLA-2 inhibitor screening model
    Skin & Pigmentation        Skin whitening agent screening
    Regeneration        Zebrafish Caudal Fin Regeneration Model
    Shanghai Biomodel Zebrafish Service Platform Shanghai Biomodel zebrafish service platform is a novel zebrafsh-based leader providing a broad range of high-quality, integrated services across both drug discovery and drug development to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies discover and develop novel drug candidates efficiently. Zebrafish Facilitiy (AAALAC Full Accreditation) and Services: Capacity for more than 5,000 adult fish and more than 20,000 embryos/ week. More than 7 zebrafish strains  (WT, transgenic and mutant) for different applications. TOXICITY AND SAFETY SERVICES: Acute toxicity, embryo toxicity, developmental toxicity & teratogenicity, organ-specific toxicity (cardiovascular, liver, nerve, bone), ototoxicity, apoptosis, nanotoxicity, etc. HUMAN DISEASE MODELS: Oncology, ophthalmology, bone diseases, otology, CNS, etc. DISCOVERY SERVICES: In Vivo Gene Function Study (Translational Medicine Research/ Target Validation) LIBRARY SCREENING AND DRUG REPROFILING: TCMSmall MoleculeNature Product, etc.